Asthma is the most chronic childhood illness affecting between 5-10% of children in the United States. Asthma is a chronic long-term condition that causes air passages to the lungs to become inflamed, swollen, and narrowed. The swelling can narrow enough to reduce or block airflow to and from the lungs. As air moves through the narrowed airway, it can make a wheezing sound. 

 Poor Asthma control can interfere with a child normal activities. However, Asthma can and should be controlled. A child whose asthma is under control will look like any other child, will be able to play normally, andwill only rarely have asthma symptoms. This control is one of the goals of asthma care, that is, to have the child live a normal life. Fortunately, with good asthma care, this control is possible for most children with asthma.

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