My Child is Well

Parents know who they should go to when their child is sick. But pediatrician visits are just as important for healthy children. Children need regular checkups to ensure that they are developing well and to catch any conditions that may require early intervention for successful treatment. Download handouts from Bright Futures on your child's ages and stages, below. 

Newborn to 4 years of Age

Newborn 2-5 day (pdf)

1 month (pdf)

2 month (pdf)

4 month (pdf)

6 month (pdf)

9 month (pdf)

12 month (pdf)

15 month (pdf)

18 month (pdf)

2 yr (pdf)

2.5 yr (pdf)

3 yr (pdf)

4 yr (pdf)

5 years to 18 years

5-6 yr (pdf)
7-8 yr Parent (pdf)
9-10 yr Parent (pdf)

11-14 yr Parent (pdf)

15-17 yr-Patient (pdf)